Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I swung my legs over the icy, fogged window that spelled condensation when you touched it. I ducked my head under slipping my way through onto the balcony that wasn’t supposed to be used as a balcony anymore, but because I was small I managed. The depressed skies of gray had decided not to tolerate the aggressive Monday dusk. I crouched down to expose my camera to the icy air and the sonata begun. Perspectives, various angles, and symbolism all began to bleed into my line of sight. Moments being captured into an iris into a lens onto a page and maybe one day, a gallery. An older women grasped my attention as she sat on the sidewalk in a mood that seemed grateful. Not begging, not pleading, not insisting; just waiting. I climbed back into my apartment and lifted up my mattress. I removed 200 dollars from the gracious pile. Liam walked out of kitchen eating a way too early breakfast, wondering what I was up to.
            “Hey, where are you-“, he asked.
            “I’ll be right back, going downstairs”, I called out to him in a rush.
There wasn’t any reason to rush, but I kept running, too impatient to wait for the elevator. Too impatient to wait for the red light, everything in my head insisted on go, go, go. I crossed the street in the middle of traffic and stood in front of the homeless women, breathless, with 200 dollars in my hand. I offered it to her and she took it like it was a dirty, unsheltered dog; unfamiliar, but obligated.
            “Thank you, dearie. Why, this is quite the gesture”, she said holding up the money, “Now Lydia, I must share with you some vital intelligence.” I responded with a simple raise of my eyebrows.
            She grabs hold of my hands and says, “At some time, in a dark underworlded place, you will rise in the midst of the supernatural internally and externally. Those that bathe in children’s blood are coming to forsake all that is ethically rich in this lacking town and you are one of many. Borne to lead, question, and create; Lydie Jeannine Pierrick. Elle renaît avec des flammes d'or et les armées de naufragés.
When she let go I could feel something swim into my bloodstream, it was like she gave me something I needed but took away something I didn’t. I turned around hesitantly and looked back to find the older woman had vanished down the street leaving nothing but her message behind. I waited to cross the street, for the light to turn red, waited for the elevator to take me upstairs, waited for Liam to let me in because I forgot my keys.
            “Do you have a secret boyfriend I don’t know about”, Liam asked out of the blue?
            “What?! No. Definitely not”, I replied instantly.
            “Mmhm. So then what is this about”, he asked showing me a note?

Dear Lydia, It’s been awhile, I know. But to be fair you did sneak out of the door first. I wanted to have a conversation with you sober, so that I can remember it the next day. Although from what I can remember I did have fun hanging out with you. Anyways I thought that we could meet at the park tomorrow evening and relive what we’ve forgotten. Until then.
-Your neighbor, Damon

            “Wow. This is wow. I didn’t think he’d remember me”, I said silently, but loud enough that Liam could hear.
            “Who’s Damon”, he asked impatiently?
I smirked. Good question.

 After spending the whole day together, Liam and I decided to take a midnight stroll through Collingwood. We constantly submitted to the nostalgia of childhood memories underneath the deep, night sky that masked the existence of stars. I looked around as we continued to walk and noticed a frail girl leaning against a lamppost across the street, like it was her only source of gravity. She looked odd, weak. I could tell that she was normally strong and independent, fighting her own battles, but in this state she looked eerie. Her body slowly drifted to the center of the Earth and Liam and I rushed over to the rescue.
            "Hey, are you ok?", I asked. I could tell I startled her.
            "I- I don't- Si, I'm totally f-fine.”
            "You look horrible, no offense."
"None taken, my friend is blunt like that." I couldn’t help wonder where her friend was now. Her eyes begun to glaze over and her knees helplessly gave up on her. I brought her arm over my shoulders and Liam went for the other side.
"Hey! What are you-- I- I'm fineee...", she protested.
"Come on, you sleep, and you'll be fine in the morning”, I couldn’t help but sound authoritative, just like my mother.
"... nice tat..." she mumbled half heatedly. I was quiet for a moment, remembering.
"Thanks, its new."



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